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Objectives in general


To contribute to marine environmental research in remote areas that are under-represented and in which some of the greatest marine riches are to be found yet remain poorly surveyed. We achieve this by working toghether with local researchers in support of their research programmes as well as opportunistic research arising out of Jocara's presence.
We do opportunistic surveying and reporting of marine mammals, sharks, sea turtles at sea and in remote locations.


To create an extended awareness about the astonishing beauty and diversity of marine life, the plight of so many species, the dangers of over-fishing and pollution, the impact of global warming and other threats by means of this globally-accessible website updated regularly with diaries, information and images.


In the various countries we visit we invite schools and students of all ages to visit Jocara. We start with a tour on deck, showing the equipment and explaining about sailing. The tour then continues in the cockpit where all the navigational instruments are. Below-decks visitors get to see how we live on board and we usually show some of our educational movies. You can see who has visited Jocara here.

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